Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Recurrence (by TC)

Gianciotto découvre Paolo et Francesca
: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1819

Recurrence (April 1819)

She moves in next door, we huddle over
The doomed infatuated ones in Dante,
My blood over-heats, the world-wind blows,

She looks pale as Millamant the Sunday
We dine, and our fate is sealed; like a recurrence
Of fate dream, she moves in, we linger

Together over Dante, and when as not
Quite lovers we hurtle off into
The black light storm, I feel like I can't breathe;

By the end of April, wild desire's
Escaped the world, with its hundred eyes;
Ahead lies loving her, and the pale fever.

From Junkets on a Sad Planet: Scenes from the Life of John Keats by Tom Clark


Princess Haiku said...

This is great. I enjoyed visiting your other blogs as well. Thanks for stopping to visit and leave a comment.

Elisabeth said...

Pleased to meet you Tom and to visit your other blogs. I'm here from Marylinn's blog.

I'm impressed by your comment on Marylinn's Pluto post and ever on the lookout myself for bloggers who can write, as is evident here.