Sunday, January 08, 2006

Inferno, Canto One

In the forest, there are toads, old leaves
and a peculiar smell: dirt and something else.

In the darkness, the fungus glows, an owl screeches
and, and, and,
who knows.

Downhil, downhill
rough and stubborn,
'Oh for God's sake I'm awake already.'
It's so easy to lie when you're sleeping.

Roots and stones and snail trails glistening,
leaf shapes printed on the leaves below.
But what manner of beast might inhabit
the dark and dreadful
just out of sight?

Saint Lucy, preserve us.
Be a flashlight in the darkness.

Send the guide that down this rough path
will, will, will,
who knows.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who wrote these? Are they Mister Clark?
Whoever, I am liking such words. I am also liking the non use of caps, at the beginning of each line. It always makes for a smoother read to my ears.
Saint Lucy was the one who tore out her eyes so she would not see any evil; yes? 'Be a flashlight in the darkness' Yes she can be.
I am liking especially 'It's so easy to lie when you're sleeping'